Health and safety has been, is and always will be one of the company's top priorities, forming an integral part of our core business.

We develop and promote a strong QHSSE (Quality, Health and Safety at Work, Site Security and Environmental Protection) culture, but also operational processes and practices to reduce risks to an acceptable level, knowing at the same time that not all accidents can be prevented. Through operational excellence, we strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace with strong incident barriers for our employees and neighbors.

Azomureș constantly invests in ensuring a safe working environment for our people, our contractors and the community. A determining factor in ensuring workforce compliance with the safety requirements of the standards is the development of professional skills and understanding of individual responsibilities.


The LEADERSHIP strategy, the investment and effective use of HSE tools, the involvement, commitment and responsibility of colleagues - all lead to a culture where safety starts with each employee, but also depends on others.